Cometti Brothers


We had a chat with F2 Drivers Ben and Sam Cometti during the season and this is what they had to say:

Q: What got you into dirt track speedway racing?

Ben: Our Dad was racing TQs here at Western Springs when we were born so we were brought up at Speedway.
Sam: Our dad, Simon Cometti, started racing in 1984 and continued up until after I was born. We grew up at the track watching dad race. I was two or three weeks old when mum first bundled me up for speedway (hopefully with some ear muffs). The doctor who was meant to deliver me had to leave mum’s labour early to head to the track. He’s still the speedway doctor today – cheers Bruce.

Q: Speedway is a family sport and you both race in the F2 class, how much input does your family have in your racing?

Ben: Our entire family is involved in some way and there’s no way we could be racing
without the help and support of our family.
Sam: Their input is everything. It’s a family sport for us. We have our family in the pits – dad and Ben built the car I’m in, and mum’s been a huge fan ever since dad was on the track. Now we’ve gotten our wives into it too, and they help out as pit crew and cheer us on from the stands every week.

Q: In the time you’ve been racing who is the toughest driver you’ve competed against on the track?

Ben: Well Nathan Howard is fast and consistent. This year I’ve also had some epic battles with Aaron Hodgson and he’s definitely a guy to beat this season.
Sam: The 2018/2019 season is my rookie season – so I’m only just getting warmed up. My toughest competitor right now is myself.

Q: Who have been your best influences and who inspires you in the sport of speedway?

Ben: My Dad has been a massive influence and taught me so much about the sport
of speedway and racing. I also drew huge inspiration from Bryan Clauson and I still
watch videos of him so I can learn what made him so good and try to apply that to my racing.
Sam: When I was a little kid, my favourite drivers were Steve Kinser and Sammy Swindell. But now it’s my turn in the driver’s seat, it’s dad and Ben who influence me most. I’m inspired by the legacy our family has at Western Springs, and now it’s my turn to step up to the mark. I always listen to their advice. My mates Lindsay Gate, Brad McCutcheon and Brad Robertson are pretty big inspo for me, too.

Q: On track is there any sibling rivalry or competition between you?

Ben: Sibling rivalry exists in anything we do together, and it definitely exists on the track
but there is also something pretty special about having the opportunity to do it at this level.
Sam: 100%. We’ve had sibling rivalry since we were little – fighting over whose turn it was to play Play Station and playing rugby in the backyard. You always want to beat your big brother…

Q: What sort of guy are you away from the track? What are your favourite things to do besides motorsport?

Ben: Besides motorsport, I’m into rugby, boxing/MMA and fishing. I also like travelling and spending time with my wife Meaghan and family and friends.
Sam: I recently got married and bought a house, so my wife and I are busy decking it out and planning our first Christmas in our new home. I’m pretty sure I have petrol in my blood though, as I’m also into motorcross and mountain biking. I have some pretty extreme hobbies so it’s a good thing my wife’s pretty patient with me.

Q: Do you set goals for yourself and if so what are your goals for the 2018/2019 season?

Ben: I set goals before every season and have some huge ones for this year. One was to win a feature at Western Springs and I was lucky to tick that off already.
Sam: Yes, I do – I consider myself to be pretty ambitious. It sounds cliché, but I’m striving for a podium finish in my first season. I’ve got a few things I’m still working on, but my confidence is building every week. Ben was awarded Rookie of the Year last season, so I have some pretty big boots to fill. But at the end of the day, I just want to do well, and to feel proud about my efforts. Hopefully my team and my family are proud of me too.

Q: What has been your best moment in speedway so far?

Ben: Being able to celebrate my feature win with my family and team after so much hard work
that had gone into building the cars is definitely my highlight.
Sam: Finally sitting in the car, waiting to get pushed off for my first ever race. I spent so many years watching from the other side of the fence, so to actually be on the track was pretty surreal. It took us months to build the car (basically from scratch), so seeing all that hard work coming to fruition was awesome. And of course, finishing the race! I’m sure there are still plenty of awesome moments to come, and I can’t wait.