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Alert Next Meeting - Saturday 2nd March 5.45pm
Sprint Cars

Sprint Car racing is seen by many as the pinnacle of speedway racing. The speed shown by these 800 horsepower winged warriors is amazing, averaging around just 12.5 seconds a lap, which makes them a crowd favourite, particularly when the American’s and come to town for the Porter Hire International Sprint Car Series. When 20+ of these power packed machines take to the track it’s a sight you have to see to believe.

Sprint Car Specs
Wheel Base: Minimum - 2134mm
Maximum - 2438mm
Track Width: Front Maximum - 1270mm
Rear Maximum - 1600mm
Overall Length: N/A
Weight: Minimum - 580 Kgs
Maximum - 800 Kgs
Engine Capacity: Maximum - 410 Cubic Inch / 6770cc
No more than 2 valves per cylinder.
Current National Rankings
1 Lap Track Record: 11.421 (James McFadden - 6/12/14)
8 Lap Track Record: 1.36.399 (Robbie Farr - 6/12/14)
12 Lap Track Record: 2.36.567 (Dean Brindle - 28/02/15)
25 Lap Track Record: 5.47.626 (Jonathan Allard - 9/01/16)
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