We are proud to be hosting 50 kids and their families from the Child Cancer Foundation at our next meeting being held on the 26th January in the Rock Boot Party Zone on the bank above Turn 4.
A special thanks to Stan and his team from Funtime Caterers for supplying their dinner. “It’s a great opportunity for these kids to get out and have a bit of fun with their families” he said.
The Child Cancer Foundation provides strength and comfort to families, parents and children impacted by child cancer. They give personalised support to each family through a one-to-one connection – someone who can help guide them every step of the way.
They help with the big things like emotional, social and practical support but also the little things that the families have probably never even thought about. They provide strength in times of doubt, comfort in times of sadness and celebrate times of joy. Every family is different and so is the support they receive from the foundation.
The foundation also provides a family support coordinator who is there for families from the day of diagnosis. They provide care kits, travel assistance, holiday homes for families, house hold support along with community support.
They also put a lot into research and provide grants to Health professionals, so they can attend relevant medical conferences and receive training to further their medical education.
We plan to have several drivers up to visit the kids. We also have the FREE kid’s playground here for you all to use. We hope to see you all there!
If you would like to find out more about the Child Cancer Foundation you can go to their website
For all event info and tickets go to