Crowd photo - Final Night

Speedway witnessed one of the biggest crowds seen at the Western Spring venue for over 35 years. Parking became a premium with some being double parked on the median strip as far away as the St Lukes Shopping Centre.
“It was great to see the people coming to support us” said Greg Mosen – Promoter, some had walked quite a distance to the venue, however they were all in a cheerful mood and were looking forward to a great night out”, he said.
The crowd tally was 12,740 and they were packed in tight to witness what Speedway here in Auckland has to offer with the big fields of cars and action-packed racing. The dance competition is always a crowd favourite with hundreds of kids participating.
We all witnessed the crash that sent Stuart Marshall off to hospital. Stuart has been surrounded by family and friends all week, who have had an incredible amount of support from the Speedway community, which has been great. Stuart has rested all week, and in the latter part of this week he has shown slight improvement and while he has a long road ahead of him, we are hopeful he will recover from this incident
Thanks to everyone who came to support Speedway here in Auckland, it’s been around for generations, and its important it continues so that generations to come can enjoy the sport too.
See you next season back at ‘The Springs’.