Vodafone Speedway Western Springs is due to get the season started on Saturday 4th November. The plan was to showcase the 135 plus competitors in an action-packed race schedule ending in a Guy Fawkes Pyro display.
Like last year, there are specific rules around these types of displays, however, it would now appear that there are different rules for organisations. The Vodafone Speedway Western Springs Pyro display last year was compliant, it was checked off by Council, and the outcome was that the Auckland Zoo and the Regional Facilities Auckland group were happy.
After several discussions and email confirmations, the RFA has now elected to place restrictions that are unachievable which unfortunately no means we can no longer have the Pyro Display.
“We have sold over 1,000 tickets to Opening Night with an expected audience of around 10,000 on the night”, said Greg Mosen – Promoter, “and we will now have to offer refunds to anyone that now doesn’t want to come along”, he said. “We first approached the RFA in April of this year, in late October the RFA told us that this would comply, then today we are told that this isn’t the situation. To be told 48 hours ahead of the proposed night is unacceptable”, he said.