American Wild Card Thrown In to Spice Up Opening Round of Sprintcars this Saturday at the Springs


With Michael Pickens already committed to Midget racing duties in Perth, his CRC #3 Sprintcar will be in the hands of American Ace Jonathan Allard as the former NZ Champion, and Multiple King of California will be in hot pursuit to grab opening night bragging rights for the 30 Lap main event this Saturday Night at Western Springs Speedway.

“Jonathan is largely responsible for why I’m racing a Sprint Car today, he offered the use of his spare car to get me started along with an engine from Warwick McKenzie, so to have Jonathan drive the car is pretty special, and no doubt he will have it running up front.” Exclaimed Michael Pickens ,
“I encourage you to get to the Springs this weekend and cheer on our car”

Nominations (as at 3 December)

2NZ Jamie Larsen
2USA Shane Stewart
3USA Jonathan Allard
5A Daniel Rogers
6M James Dahm
7A Dion Kendall
7T Jayden Dodge
7USA Craig Dollansky
10A Glenn Torpey
12A Dean Shadbolt
21A Kerry Brocas
21W Stephen Taylor
22A Dean Brindle
23A Adam Child
24A Tyler Radovan
35A Rob Vazey
35AUS Jamie Veal
51M Rodney Wood
62A Dave Witton
73K Brian Edwards
76A Steve Smith
78A Daniel Eggleton
78C Matthew Leversedge
84P Dean Cooper
88AUS Dave Murcott
88M Keaton Dahm
92A Chris Kernohan

3NZ Shayne Alach
5A Brock Maskovich
7A Travis Buckley
8A Caleb Antonio-Rooney
9A Zach Daum
10A Michael Brunt
18A Brett Jnr Morris
22A James Earl
25A Aaron Hodgson
27A Hayden Williams
33A James Cossey
39A Peter Hunnibell
46A Craig Jeffries
49A Blair Bertram
56A David Pellow
58A Joe Malone
61A Brad Hollier
63A Jayden Worthington
71A Breyton Davison
78A Kent Palmer
79A Max Guilford
84A Ben Cometti
91A Hayden Guptill
93A Kayne Buck
94A Caleb Hanham
96A Matthew Mccutcheon
98A Ryan O’Connor
99A Nathan Howard

1NZ Jeremy Webb
2NZ Peter Hunnibell
3NZ Ryan Baker
4A Troy Pennington
7A Josh Melrose
9A Morgan McHugh
10A Shayne Minchington
12A Nathan Brough
16A Ryan Barry
18A Shaun Cooke
21A Dayna Lowry
24A Harrison Martens
32A Saul Smith
36A Cole Morrison
41A Jakeb Lecren
44A Jeremy Paterson
46A Aaron Humble
64A Gina Harris
67A Kaleb Currie
71A Danny Keene
78A Mike Harrison
81A Paul Lecren
88A Scott Baker
93A Connor LeCheminant
97A Ben Morrison

5A2 Eric Smith
8A2 Joshua Mathews
9A2 Sam Cometti
10A2 Mitch Osborne
14A2 Kenny Roberts
15A2 Steven Jeffries
21A2 Scott Fergusson
24A2 Brad Robertson
25A2 Travis Buckley
27A2 Lindsay Gate
34A2 Jordan McDonnell
44A2 Nathan Harding
47A2 Brynn Jackson
69A2 Corbin Anderson
72A2 Mike Driver
81A2 Leyton Kendall
83A2 Daryl Webster
86A2 Adam Davis
96A2 Tylar Browne

The night is set to explode from the opening race. With Sprintcars racing to gain starting positions for the feature event, as well as the kiwis racing for the chance to represent NZ for the test races.

Gates open at 4.00pm – Racing Starts at 5:45pm. Tickets purchased at the gate or avoid the queues by purchasing online at