Adams returns to Western Springs

peter adams_498x300

Side Car veteran Peter ‘Fearless’ Adams will return to WXC Speedway Western Springs for the 2015/16 season for the four round “Bill Buckley Side Car Series.”

Adams first started in sidecars in 1984 as a swinger then jumped behind the handlebars the following year, first running at Western Springs while it still had the high banked cycle track around the outside. It was in those early days that he earned himself the nickname of ‘Fearless’.

“I don’t really play up on the name, I prefer to just be called Peter, but it was given to me by a guy at Western Springs in probably my first year of riding by the name of Rex Danby. It was an A-Grade race and the first time I had ever made an A-Grade final. Rex was passing a guy around the outside and when he went around the outside, he crashed into me because I was outside of him. He said ‘You’re a fearless bastard because nobody goes that wide around the corner.’ He thought he was doing it going around the outside of somebody and he crashed into me because I was out there trying to go around the pair of them. Somebody heard him call me fearless and it stuck!

“At that stage, I’d never had a serious crash and I didn’t know what pain was, that came later.”

For the 2015/16 season, Adams will team up with swinger Jason Hira and has built his own frame which he will power with a Yamaha R1 engine which runs a cross plane crankshaft, a unique thing in the world of Side Cars.

“Basically it’s a brand new chassis with brand new ideas!”

The bike will also run in an identical livery to the Midget car run by Zahn Turner this season, with backing from the same sponsors, Health and Sport Fitness Centre, Rubix Accounting, Apex Metal Roofing, Midas Onehunga and Steinbring Cartage, as well as Insteel Engineering and Geko Fiberglassing.

For Adams, it is the thrill of the sport that keeps him coming back more than 30 years after he first got on a speedway bike.

“Just the excitement (that keeps me coming back), I did take 14 years off, but I couldn’t get the bug out of my system and came back three years ago.”

After a couple of demonstration races last season, Adams is brimming with excitement to get back out onto Auckland’s premier speedway track.

“We’re looking forward to a very exciting season and I’m very happy to be back at Western Springs, I hope it can become even more regular in the future. We’re just as happy to be back there as the fans are to have us back.”