Smith Brothers

Steve #76 Sprint Car and Eric #5 F2 Midget.

Q: Speedway is a family sport and you both race and your dad Ron raced a TQ for many years, how much input does your dad have in your racing now?

Eric: Heaps. Without dad I wouldn’t be able to go racing. He’s the first one there and last to leave. I can’t thank him enough for his efforts.
Steve: Yes, and before dad was racing his uncle Bob also raced a TQ, so that makes us third generation drivers at the Springs. As for dads input he is on my brother’s team on race night, but he does quite a bit behind the scenes for me. If I ever need a hand with anything he’s there within minutes of me making the call.

Q: In the years you’ve been racing who is the toughest driver you’ve ever competed against on the track?

Eric: Steven Wilson – He’s a top competitor in the F2 class. If you have qualified near him for the feature you know you’ve had a pretty good night.
Steve: I can only look at my TQ days as this is my first season in a Sprint Car, but it would have to be the Baker Brothers. If I managed to qualify in front of them for an A main I knew one mistake and I was done, but it was always good to run wheel to wheel with them.

Q: Although you are both now competing in different classes, has there ever been any sibling rivalry or competition between you?

Eric: Absolutely – It’s always a good time when you can compete with your brother on the track (and off) and enjoy a box or two at the end of the night.
Steve: Definitely there was rivalry in our TQ days but good clean fun rivalry. I don’t like been beaten by my brother haha.

Q: What sort of guy are you away from the track? What is your favourite thing to do besides motorsport?

Eric: Easy go with the flow family guy. My family means everything to me. I like to kick back with a cold one every now and then and I like getting out on the water.
Steve: I like to think I’m a fun, chilled sort of person outside of the speedway scene. In my down time when I’m not getting a car ready for the next meeting, I like to relax with a beer, have a good laugh, and socialise with good people. Sometimes I even get a chance to get out for a fish.

Q: Do you set goals for yourself and if so what were your goals for the 2018/2019 season?

Eric: Qualify in the top 6 every night is my main focus for this coming season and to make my sponsors proud.
Steve: Yes, I always have to set goals and I like to have something to work towards, this season my goal is to qualify for the A main each night.

Q: What has been your best moment in speedway so far?

Eric: Starting near the rear of the field for the Barry Butterworth in F2’s and finishing 2nd was one of the best moments for me and the team. Also having Candia Automotive on board again for this coming season. Without them we as a team wouldn’t be where we are today.
Steve: It would have to be winning the Barry Butterworth Memorial. We had a season plagued with problems then we finally sorted everything out and to get the win was awesome. Being able to reward the team after all we had been through that season was the best feeling.