A Blast from the Past – A snippet from 1992


Here is a snippet from an article written by the Western Springs Supporters Club in March 1992:

Looking back over the season….

The 1991/92 season is already becoming a great collection of vivid memories – there is still a bit of speedway to come for those who want to brave the cool evenings.

The season began with a note of controversy when beer outlets appeared above the terraces. To say that people took it in their stride would be like saying people like salt poured on their ice cream! They jumped up and down and made a fuss. They wrote letters, phoned and many made personal complaints. We saw one incident of a man on the terraces having too much for his own good, when a child innocently swinging on the pipe railing, accidentally kicked him in the back. He abused the child in language that is not normally heard at Speedway. Another man made a nuisance of himself and women complained. They had the last laugh when he fell asleep and everyone went off and left him!  Beer will no doubt be available in the Function Room, but with a notice in the programme that first night and one on the wall to say it was prohibited, it was amazing to see speedway people get up off their seats and protest.

Racing was excellent in all sections and the new Mini Sprints, a bit thin on the track at first, got better and better and say they will increase in numbers next season. The fields in the TQ section increased and we’ve seen close racing and good comradeship. Record numbers of midget car drivers have arrived on the scene, which must have made it hard fitting them all intro the events on the programme. The Auckland Midget Championship events sorted drivers into various features, “C”, “B” and the best appeared in the “A” Main.

Towards the end of the season, when the Sprintcar and Midget Championships were being held, plus the Auckland Championships for each section, we thought of some questions for awards of our own.

So, once again, we said “would you mind?” to more members and each one of the following competitors shall receive a letter explaining why they’ve received a Lucky Dip Lotto Ticket in the mail this week. They MAY think it is strange, but it does prove that speedway fans don’t just watch the big names week after week. Each one of the people who were asked the following questions did not take their particular question lightly – you may or may not agree with the answers but then, wouldn’t life be dull if we all agreed with each other!

Q: Who is the driver with the most striking helmet design? A: Bradley Anstis

Q: Driver with the most prominent and easily read number? A: Carl Olsen

Q: Name the Midget driver who nearly always gets into the Feature and has little chance of winning it? A: Bruce Kennedy

Q: Name the TQ drive who gets into the Feature but has not had a win? A: Barry Wahanui

Q: Name the driver with crew who went to the trouble of looking like the best team? A: John Rae

Q: Name the most unfortunate, unlucky Speedway person of the season:  A: We’re sending this last Lotto Ticket to Tony Scott……… Tony and Angela’s wedding had been arranged since May 1991. Reece had suggested they be married right there in front of the Speedway fans. It was to have been the first marriage at the track, TV and magazine reporters were going to cover it in full and what happens?? The heavens opened that evening and the wind blew up a hurricane! But the wedding went ahead at 6.45pm in the Function Room and they had a lovely reception afterwards. All the very best to Tony and Angela for a long and happy future.

Some of our speedway racing was beamed over to the States and the American drivers especially, were very impressed at the competition here and all enjoyed the facilities. All of the overseas competitors who came, contributed something to our speedway and we hope we see a whole lot of them next season. Yes, for once, compared to the end of some seasons in the past, we know there IS going to be Speedway next season – great news!