Round 1 of the Porter Hire International Sprint Car Series is set to get underway next weekend at the Western Springs venue. Racing starts at 5:45pm on Saturday 1st December and we will bear witness to some of the best Sprint Car racing with a strong field of 30 cars arriving from around the country.
The Series, travels to Bay Park 4th Dec, on to Palmerston North on the 6th Dec and then returns to Western Springs on Saturday the 8th December for the 4th and final round. With a prize pool of almost $80,000 on offer, these drivers and teams will leave nothing to chance.
Drivers from both the USA and Australia are here to compete in the Test Racing, where our lads will show these visiting drivers how it’s done.
“The crowds love to watch these 900 horse powered monsters run wheel to wheel” said Greg Mosen – Promoter, “and they especially love to perform in front of the huge crowds we have at the Western Springs venue”, he said.

The line-up to date is:
1NZ Kerry Brocas
2NZ Michael Pickens
2USA Shane Stewart
3NZ James Dahm
5A Daniel Rogers
7A Dion Kendall
8A Jarvis Tidd
10A Glen Torpey
11USA Kyle Hirst
12A Dean Shadbolt
15A Steve Pribicevich
17A John Millard
21W Stephen Taylor
22A Dean Brindle
23A Adam Child
26A Paul Sands
29A Jeremy Halpin
35A Rob Vazey
35AUS Jamie Veal
51M Rodney Wood
55A Daniel Thomas
59A Mike Wheeler
62A Dave Witton
71A Jamie McDonald
76A Steve Smith
78A Daniel Eggleton
78C Matthew Leversedge
82P Jamie Larsen
88M Keaton Dahm
98AUS Troy Little

Great news is that each and every round has a scheduled rain-out date for the next day, just in case the weather doesn’t play fair.
For all event details for all four rounds go to www.springsspeedway.com. If you want to avoid the queues at the gates, go to our site and follow this link https://springsspeedway.com/ticket-options/