Elizabeth Blackwell F2 71A


Q: Having come from the world of beauty pageants, how did you become a speedway driver, in what seems like a polar-opposite universe?

A: I’ve always had a passion for motorsport and was top of my class in high school for automotive. My step dad raced a TQ in 2001 for several years, and the family owned an indoor kart track which I spent many hours at. The family also raced karts for many years. My mother always said “Follow your dreams, life is too short not to” and growing up with this philosophy, I wanted to pursue different career paths. I’ve gone back to my roots with racing and am finally pursuing my dreams. I’ve always been a tomboy growing up, you could say “It’s in my Blood”.

Q: With Beauty Pageants, what role do you play in them?

A: I represented New Zealand in the Miss World Inter – Continental 2006 and after having a long break, I got involved again. For the last 2 years I’ve been the regional organiser for Miss World Waikato. Now I’m living back in Auckland, I help out with the regional events and this year I’m choreographer for Miss South Auckland New Zealand.

Q: Have you always been a motorsport fan and what have you raced in the past?

A: Yes, you can’t keep me away from it! I’ve raced indoor karts and last season I had the opportunity, thanks to IDM Motorsport, to race one of their Dirt Karts where I ran 1st for females and 3rd overall for the season.

Q: What were your goals for your rookie season?

A:         1.Finish each race

2.Continually improve on the track throughout the season – achieved

3.Make the features – achieved

4.Get a chance to be on the podium – achieved.

Q: How do you rate the F2 Midget class and why did you choose to compete in this category?

A: Over the years this class has grown to what it is today. It’s a great class to start with and to learn the ropes. They are a good bunch of people who give help and support along the way. I chose this class because I’ve always wanted to get behind the wheel of a midget, and for myself who has never raced on dirt until last season, it’s a good place to start.

Q: Have you made plans to eventually move up to the full-blown midgets or is it one step at a time?

A: That is the long term goal but first I need to get comfortable and improve in the F2 midget and then we’ll see what’s in store for me in the future.

Q: What do you like to do in your downtime besides speedway?

A: Life is short so I like to make the most of it. I enjoy riding my horse, mustering stock, pig hunting, travelling overseas, musical theatre, dancing and spending time with my loved ones.