On Saturday the 10th November 2018, we will give ten (10) Sprint Car drivers the chance to win $1 Million dollars at the Western Springs venue.
“After weeks of discussions with the insurer, we are now in a position to confirm that this event is set to go”, said Greg Mosen – Promoter,” this is a world first and we are very excited that we got this across the line here at Western Springs”, he said.
Unlike most large pay-outs, this prize can be won by any of the competitors provided they make the top ten. All drivers will qualify from their heats, just like any other night, which will then determine who the top 10 qualifiers are.
“The team at Dalton’s want to be part of this” said Peter Murphy – Crew Chief, “so we are flying Kyle Hirst down from the USA to have a shot at winning this purse”, he said.
In a normal ‘pole-shuffle’ drivers will go head to head to establish their starting positions in the Feature, however this time, the time they each run in that driver’s second lap, will be very important.
Before they start, each driver will be asked to nominate their lap time that they are going to run, and if the time matches the time they nominated, they will be $1 Million dollars richer.
Most drivers will have an idea of how they are running, so selecting the 13 sec time is the easiest part, they probably know that they would run an early, mid or late 13, so this will be pinned on them getting the full row of numbers right on the night.
We will all be watching as the driver’s nominated time and the time they actually run will be displayed on the Big Screen for all to witness
For further details, event and ticketing info go to www.springsspeedway.com