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F2 Midget

These are a class of racing introduced to Western Springs to enable the budget racer and new midget drivers to compete without breaking the bank.

They have specifications the same as A grade open midgets except the motors are restricted to 2 litre 4 cylinder production car engines.

This class is proving popular and continues to grow at the Springs. Close racing ensues as the cars are all relatively similar to each other in specification so driver skill and experience make the difference to racing performance and final positions.

Version Dated – 24th July 2017
F2 Midget Rules
All F2 Midgets must conform to the rules and regulations as specified in the Midget Section of the Speedway New Zealand Rule Book. These include the technical rules and regulations for Midget Car specifications which are shown in Section 10, and general open wheel racing rules in this Rule Book.
The following rules are ‘local rules’ and should be read in conjunction with the Speedway New Zealand Rule Book. For the avoidance of doubt, if a local rule is specified here, it will replace any reference there may be in the Speedway New Zealand Rule Book.
Engine Rules
1. Front engines only
2. In-line 4 cylinder, automotive based engine.
3. Maximum 2050cc engine capacity
4. Maximum of four valves per cylinder
5. Internal parts can be titanium provided these parts are standard parts, and are described
by the manufacturer as standard OEM parts. No other internal parts can be exchanged for titanium components.
6. No two stroke, rotary, supercharged or turbo charged engines.
7. All variable valve timing (vvt) or V-Tec must be locked in one position.
8. Maximum of 45 degree engine lay-over, measured through the centre-line of the cylinder bores.
9. Engine off-set maximum of 25mm, measured center-line of chassis to crank shaft.
10. Mechanical fuel injection only
11. Restrictors:
• One restrictor per cylinder
• Restrictor must be 32mm internal diameter, and must be at least 40mm long.
• The unit supplied by BSL Racing will be the benchmark unit, as the radius is set by them.
• The restrictor positioned in the air intake assembly must not be more than 75mm from the throttle butterfly to the centre-line of the restrictor, or
• The restrictor unit which is 32mm internal diameter and 40mm long must be inserted as part of the inlet manifold assembly.
• No modification to enhance air flow thru restrictors is permitted.

General Rules:
1. No carbon fibre to be used on any part of the car with the exception of commercially available Air Filters and Knee Guards
2. No titanium to be used on any part of the car (excludes reference in Engine Rules 5)
3. Only standard and non-gas external adjustable shock absorbers are allowed. Internal or cockpit adjusters are not allowed.

Restrictor Rule 10 – This has been designed to allow car owners the opportunity to remove the air intake restrictor easily in order to then use the same car to compete at other tracks around the country.
Policing – The SNZ Scrutineers will now police these rules on a consistent basis. We plan to have the top five finishes remain in the ‘designed area’ for checking after ever Feature Race at the Western Springs venue.
Penalties – Whilst this class is a ‘local class’, in the event that a car is found to be non-compliant, the penalties applied will align to those specified in the Speedway New Zealand Rule Book.

F2 Midget Specs
Wheel Base: Minimum - 1676mm
Maximum - 1930mm
Track Width: Front Maximum - 1320mm
Rear Maximum - 1340mm
Overall Length: N/A
Weight: Minimum - 409 Kgs
Engine Capacity: Production 2 litre in line 4 cylinder motor
Fuel: Racing Methanol
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