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Alert Next Meeting - Saturday 18th March - 6.15pm
F2 Midget

These are a class of racing introduced to Western Springs to enable the budget racer and new midget drivers to compete without breaking the bank.

They have specifications the same as A grade open midgets except the motors are restricted to 2 litre 4 cylinder production car engines.

This class is proving popular and continues to grow at the Springs. Close racing ensues as the cars are all relatively similar to each other in specification so driver skill and experience make the difference to racing performance and final positions.

F2 Midget Specs
Wheel Base: Minimum - 1676mm
Maximum - 1930mm
Track Width: Front Maximum - 1320mm
Rear Maximum - 1340mm
Overall Length: N/A
Weight: Minimum - 409 Kgs
Engine Capacity: Production 2 litre in line 4 cylinder motor
Fuel: Racing Methanol
Preview - Western Springs Speedway